Newborn photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with many inexperienced photographers entering the field with little knowledge of newborn safety. Often times, babies will be forcefully posed or elevated at dangerous heights without any support, simply because the photographer is unaware of the proper techniques used to safely achieve our newborn images.

At Two Leaf Photography, safety is always our primary concern when photographing your newborn. This popular pose is achieved in a series of steps involving the parent’s hands supporting the baby at all times. The final photo is the result of combining the first two images in Photoshop.


Newborn skin is one of the biggest concerns that we hear from new parents. Contrary to what’s seen in movies and advertisements, babies often come into this world with eczema, dry skin, acne, bruises, jaundice, or sometimes all of the above! Aside from the 2-3 hours of artistically posing and photographing your newborn, we dedicate many hours afterwards in carefully retouching your precious baby’s skin. The final result – a beautiful, glowing, blemish-free newborn!

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